CNC Gantry Machining Center Zkmp (SP1830 Series)

FEATURES: 1.Direct connection of main motor.2.cooling thermal-protective coating of main motor.3.carbon fiber coupling of high torque and rigidity (TKs=975NM).4.spindle unit(hydraulic tool clamping and unclamping).5.BT50 spindle taper,24pcs tool capacity,pneumatic tool shell,3s tool changing,max. Tool weight 18kg,max. Tool

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1.Direct connection of main motor.
2.cooling thermal-protective coating of main motor.
3.carbon fiber coupling of high torque and rigidity (TKs=975NM).
4.spindle unit(hydraulic tool clamping and unclamping).
5.BT50 spindle taper,24pcs tool capacity,pneumatic tool shell,3s tool changing,max. Tool weight 18kg,max. Tool length 300mm,max. Tool diameter φ110mm and φ200mm,tool magazine have adjustment ability on forwards and backwards,up and down.
6.Be equipped with oil chiller,cycle cooling source for spindle unit and motor cabinet.
7.Rational distribution and composition of guide way and machine body,integrated chip conveying.
8.hydraulic station,power source for balancing oil tank and spindle tool clamping and unclamping.
9.lubrication station by CNC system controlled,be able to testing and alarming.
10.Be equipped with heat exchanger,the electric cabinet can abstract heat efficiency during processing.
11.In line with design concept of driven at the center of gravity,the machine are equipped with double balance counterweight.Meanwhile the center of ram falls on the center of axis,with equalized ram guideway allocation.The design eliminates bending of ram guideway when ram moves up and down.Consequently Z axis can perform with high stability and accuracy.
12.Energy consumption is better than usual type in 20%.
Worktable size(W×L)mm1000×8001000×20001000×25001000×30001000×35001200×20001200×30001200×40001500×20001500×25001500×30001500×35001500×40001800×20001800×30001800×40001800×50001800×6000
T-slots(Number-Width×Distance) 7-18×1007-22×1507-22×1709-22×1609-22×180
X axis travelmm100020002500300035002000300040002200270032003700420022003000400050006000
Y axis travelmm8001400165020502200
Z axis travelmm45080080010001000
Max.load bearing of worktableT1.534573564567946101215
Max. spindle speedrpm60005000500050005000
Distance between two columnsmm12001400165020002200
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surfacemm100-55070~870 115~915250-1250250~1250
Spindle taper BT50BT50BT50BT50BT50
Tool magazine capacity 6T24T24T24T/32T32T/40T
Tool change type (Arbitrary)(Arbitrary)(Arbitrary)(Arbitrary)(Arbitrary)
Tool change time 3s(T-T)3s(T-T)3s(T-T)3s(T-T)3s(T-T)
Max. tool dimensionmmØ125×400Ø125×400Ø125×400Ø125×400Ø125×400
Max. tool weightKg1818181818
Max.cutting feed speedmm/min60007000700070007000
Rapid feed speed 0f X,Y,Z axism/min16/16/1012/12/1012/12/1012/12/1010/10/106/10/10
Main motor powerKw11/1515/18.515/18.518.5/2222/26
Positioning accuracymm±0.010±0.02/1000±0.02/1000±0.02/1000±0.02/1000
Re-positioning accuracymm±0.005 ±0.015±0.015±0.015±0.015
Machine weightT91820222532343625262732293137414752
X/Y/Z Ball screw size X:50;Y/Z:40X:6310(1320);6316(1325);8016(1330, 1335);  Y:5010;  Z:5010X:6310;  Y:5010;  Z:5010X:6310(SP-1820);6316(SP-1825);8016(SP-1830, SP-1835,SP-1840); 
 Y:6310;  Z:5010
X:6310;  Y:6310;  Z:5010X:8016;  Y:6310;  Z:5010
X/Y/Z Guide way size XY;Z
 X/Y:Roller linear slide way;
Z:Box slide way    
 X/Y:Roller linear slide way;
Z:Box slide way    
X/Y:Roller linear slide way;
Z:Box slide way    
 X/Y:Roller linear slide way;
Z:Box slide way    
 X/Y:Roller linear slide way;
Z:Box slide way    


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